Sunday, 1 July 2018

Exploring the Human Heart.

As part of our wondering about the human body. Some children were curious to know what an organ is and if exercise helps the body. 
So we set up a provocation for the students with the following questions about an organ that benefits from exercise...

What keeps your heart healthy?

How big is your heart?

Where is your heart?

What do you see, think and wonder?

What is blood? What does it do?

What happens to your heart when you run, jump, walk?

As students made their way around the classroom we sat back and observed. We were excited to see what they would do and how they would answer the questions.

"It keeps you alive!" - Honour.P
"It's sauce! " - Ethan
"I think it feels like slime. When you cut yourself your blood comes out of your cut." - Kaylah
"It is moisturery." - Tyler

Blood keeps you going - Tyler & Bently
It keeps you alive - Tumu
It helps your bones - anonymous
Water - Legend

"I'm finding some food but theres no food. Fruit would give energy." - Jaxxon
"Fruit.' - Emma-Rose
"Sushi." - Cayden

"It looks yum and it's healthy." - Avon
"Avocado?"- Blake
"Does avocado keep us healthy?" - Blake

"Large, it is a heart shape." - Mihi
"It is kind of love heart, triangle shape. It's the size of my two hands
or just a little bit bigger." - Jace
"It's big as." - Blake

"It has bunny ears and it's real." - Madeleine

It's the shape of a..., it looks like a thumbs up and its size is...
your heart is 10 metres long!" - Tumu

"It can't break." - Shivesh

"I see a brain. I think it's a brain? I wonder if someone killed a cow
because it looks squishy and it has a light pink on it and lines." - Tumu
"I see a brain. I think it is a persons." - Honor 
"Is it meat?' - Tayla
"No it's not. It's a brain." - Blake
"Does it have blood in it?" - Blake
"It feels funny." - Blake

"My heart was thumping while I was running." - Zoe
"The heart goes beeping fast." - Madeleine
"It was beeping, yeah the heart. My heart was puffing after the skipping." - Calen
"Why is your hand on your chest? " - Miss T
"Because I'm listening to it." - Jace
"What can you feel?" - Miss T
"It's going out a little bit." - Jace

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