Saturday, 2 June 2018

Our Skeleton

For the past week we have been learning about our skeleton as part of our wonderings about the human body. Some children wanted to know what our bones were.

So to help our children discover how their bones work and look we set out experiences for them to explore and document their 'wonderings' about what they noticed.
We were amazed to see how excited and how well the children worked through the stations. As they visited each station we invited them to share their 'wonderings' and what they know about bones.

"I think the bones in your hands are going through all the parts to
your fingers" - Manaia
"Your bones in your hands are helping your hands.
Without your bones you can't lift or drive" - Kaylah
"Inside the skin there is bones" - Ethan
"The bones are all over my hands. Even the
knuckles are part of the bones. Because
the knuckles are bones." - Macca

"We made a skeleton with hair" - Kahn & Manaia
"We need eyeballs" - said Cayden
"I've got eyeballs" - replied Blake
It looks like Minecraft" - giggled Zekauis

"I am trying to pull the teeth out" - Jahzaiah
"I was looking at the head. It had bones on it." - Jackson

"I see a cows bone, it's disgusting!" - Honor
"I was looking at little bones. I was looking at the teeth and I was thinking
the teeth were made out of bones" - Zoe
"They are really hard" - Emma-Rose

"The acorns are the stomach, the jenga blocks are the clothes
and the popsicle sticks are the bones" - Honour.P

Following our exploration, we invited the children to share with one another about their experiences and wonderings at todays stations. Then we asked children what they know already about the human skeleton. This is what children knew.

"Bones are like really hard." - Kahn
"They are sturdy, they don't break." - Tyler
"They can break." - Ethan
They make your arms and head move." - Jake
"They help protect yourself." - Jackson
"They are from a skeleton." - Jahzaiah 
"We have 1000 016 bones." - Ronan
"23 bones." - Tumu
"60 bones." - Kaylah
"5 000 000 bones." - Jackson

We are so excited to do some more learning about this topic!

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