Saturday, 30 June 2018

How long is the small intestine?

This week we had some fun with our current math topic Measurement.
To learn a little bit more about the digestive system we invited the students to use there new knowledge about the organs that make up the digestive system to practise their measuring skills.

We begun with the following video.

Then we asked children what the song told us about the length of our small intestine.
We discovered that our small intestine is 20 feet long.

Before we set off with our measuring buddy and our measuring tools to practise the skill of measuring we asked the children to remind us how we can measure the length of an object.
1. Use the same measuring tool.
2. Start and end at each edge.
3. No GAPS!!!

 Armed only with a piece of string to represent the small intestine and their feet as a measuring tool.
Kakano 4 were very eager to get started! 

Ryan was trying extremely hard to make sure that he had no gaps between each foot. 

It was too long then Caleb decided to cut the string then we did it again and it was alright.  - Zekaius

I am helping Emma to count and to not have gaps and no overlaps.
We counted how much steps we did.  - Zoe

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