Saturday, 5 May 2018

What is a healthy person?

This week in Kakano 4 we asked our tamariki what they knew about their bodies in order to challenge them to pursue their curiosity and investigate further.

Children were asked to work together to draw a life size outline of a child's body that we would use to record our thoughts about what we know about the human body.               



I was amazed to hear their thoughts and ideas about the human body. It was great to see their excitement and enthusiasm begin to ignite as I recorded their responses onto one of our life sized bodies.

"We have seven layers of skin," said Jake.
"We have organs," said Zoe
"A heart," said Ethan
I wanted everyone to tune in just a little bit more by using magazines to search for images that show what a healthy person is to them.

"Look Miss T! Water!
"What does a healthy person look like Zekaius?" asked Miss T.
"Strong!" said Zekaius. 

"Look Miss T its a salad! It's healthy!

A healthy person pats a puppy.

Waireka had an image of a trophy.
"It means a person can race and a person gives it and she eats healthy things"

After sharing our images that show what a healthy person is I asked the children what they wondered or wanted to know about the human body.

"I wonder what your bones do?" asked Zoe.
"How do we eat healthy?" said Waireka.
"What is an organ?" wondered Jahnicka.

How do we keep our body healthy? asked Honor
Does exercise help the body? wondered Caleb

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