Monday, 14 May 2018

Digestive System!

Last week we got messy and tackled understanding the digestive system. 
On Monday, children were invited to draw what they think happens to food after they eat it.

Ethan - I think it turns into crumbs.
The food goes to my heart. I made the blood
 to the heart.
Emma-Rose - You choke on it.
The food is getting all yucky.

Waireka - It comes in your stomach and it
comes out your bottom.

Avon - I think it goes into my rib cage.

The following day we watched a video about how the body works.

Then we started to talk about the organs that make up our digestive system. We discovered there are many parts of our body that help us to digest our food starting with the esophogus and the stomach. Most children struggled to wrap their tongues around our new vocabulary and were slightly disgusted by the fact that we pooped it out our rectum. We also learned that our body uses the small intestine to take the goodness from our food and uses it as energy. 

Following this we took our new knowledge to create and label a diagram of our digestive system.

Then came the disgusting fun! The children did a demonstration of how the digestion system works. The faces they all made was priceless. It was messy, gross and fun and I am certain they can all tell you how the digestive system works now. I don't think they will ever forget. 

To start with the children had to make a peanut butter sandwich. Then they used a pair of scissors to simulate their teeth to break the sandwich into smaller pieces. A bowl was used to simulate their mouth and water was added that acted as saliva in the mouth which helps the process of breaking down food. Next we drank a glass of milk with our peanut butter sandwich. A masher was used to mash the food and drink. I explained that the masher is like your back teeth which are designed for grinding up the food. Then we used two ziploc bags. One was used to act as a funnel demonstrating the process of the food going down the esophogus and into the other ziploc bag which represented our stomach. We added coke zero to simulate the chemicals that also help to break the food down and then we all took turns using our hands to mash the food down further.

Now the food is ready for the small intestine! We poured the contents from our stomach into a stocking that represented both the small and large intestine. As Jahzaiah squeezed the stocking, a liquid began to drain out. This liquid is the good nutrients that the body will take and use as the fuel that we need for energy and growth. Finally we were ready for the large intestine where the food that our body does not need is moved along and well we all know what happens next...POOP!

These were some of the funny faces I was able to catch as we did the demonstration.

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