Saturday, 17 March 2018


On Friday all of our students in Kãkano 4 competed in our very own Junior School Triathlon. We had a sensational turn out from nga whanau (our families) and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. After many intense training sessions leading up to our triathlon Kãkano 4 were well prepared for the challenge ahead. Some students were in their element however others were out of their comfort zone but that did not stop them from the satisfaction of knowing that they gave it all they had to simply just finish the race. Your nga kaiako (teachers) and nga whanau (family) are extremely proud of you all.  👏

                  Kãkano 4 waiting for Mr Bates to call them up to the start line.

Event #1 Running

On your mark, get set, GO!

Event #2 Scooter

Event #3 Swim

Friday, 16 March 2018

Ryans Pet Rats!

This week we had a very special visit from some very cute wee critters who belong to one of our students, Ryan. Kakano 4 were extremely excited and very keen to get a closer glimpse of Ryans pet rats, who performed rather well considering all of the noise and commotion they endured during their short visit. 

We followed this by writing about Ryan and his pet rats.

Ryans pet rats. One rat is annoying and squealy. 
They are both black and they had a cage up stairs and they ate coco pops.

Ryan and his brother are sharing his rat with his mummy.

I met Ryans rats they are so adorable. I like the rats.
The rats ate the coco pop from Ryans mums mouth.
I met Ryans rats and Ryans mum put a coco pop in her mouth and the rat took it
and it was so cute. The rats were cute.

My Amazing Brain!

This week in Kakano 4 we learned about the most important and amazing part of our bodies 'the brain' and how it is divided into par...