Sunday, 18 February 2018


We had a fun time learning how to set up our Seesaw learning journals with help from our new friends in Pitau 3. Seesaw is an easy way for children to share and keep a record of what they are learning. In Kãkano 4 we will use Seesaw to give whanau (family) a window into the classroom and a way to connect with nga tamarikis (childrens) learning. 

(Apologies whanau for the side ways view for part of the clip)

The magnificent Mrs McLeod introduced us to Seesaw by using our families as motivation to capture something about ourselves. Our friends then took us through the process of recording ourselves as we talked about our pictures. Following this Mrs McLeod explained the tricky part of posting it to our learning journals. Be sure to login so that you can check out your childs post! Enjoy!!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Our First Week!

This week was very special because it was the first week of school. We have played some getting to know you games and discovered Miss Teremoana's passion and enthusiasm for reading. We learned that reading is very special and we sat and listened quietly to our first book of the year about First Day Jitters, with a rather interesting twist to it. 

Then we created a chart that expresses how we all felt on our first day in Kãkano 4. Our teachers were thrilled to see that most of us were excited on their first day in Kãkano 4. Phew!

For those students feeling slightly anxious we read a very special book called 'The Kissing Hand' to encourage them to be brave as they leapt into their new adventures away from home, especially after a very long break. 

We hope that you enjoyed receiving a kiss on the hand poem to help soothe your nerves as well.

We learned what Good colouring is in Kãkano 4.

Then we practised...

We continued to practise as we completed our self-portraits by carefully following Miss Patersons detailed instructions. Take a look at our fantastic 'We fit together' mural. 

We have been very busy learning and practising what we do first thing in the morning and at the end of the day in Kãkano 4. We are so thrilled to have the bell repaired and now working in our block to signal the completion of our day. 

We used the story David Goes to School to help us think about what we want our classroom to look and feel like.

Then we shared our ideas of rules for Kãkano 4. 

These are our rules that Miss T and Miss Patterson chose from our ideas. 

It has been fun to see how excited some children are when they share their 'All About Me Bags'. 

We are looking forward to getting to know more about all of our children in the weeks to come!

Welcome to Kãkano 4!

Kia ora everyone! Welcome to Kãkano 4 on our new class blog. It is so exciting to have you with us all and becoming part of our Kãkano whanau. We have made a great start to the year. It is wonderful to see how well our nga tãuira (students) have settled into the classroom and coped with first week jitters. Please feel free to click 'Follow by email' to the right of this page to receive posts via email so you can follow and encourage us through our learning experiences this year in Kãkano 4!

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